15 Steps for French Breakfast Croissant Recipe

Hello there, this is Julia from ‘Dinner with Julia‘, and I am beyond excited to share a delightful piece of my culinary world with you today. Always been a sucker for all things French, today, we’re going to delve into something that defines the essence of a traditional French breakfast – a luscious, flaky, buttery croissant.

Now, before we dive into my tips, let’s talk a bit about why I’m so fond of this French Breakfast Croissant Recipe. As an ardent foodie, I’ve always loved the magic that happens in the kitchen. But there’s something about a freshly baked croissant, its rich aroma wafting through the house, which makes it extraordinarily enchanting. It transports me to those quaint little cafes lining the streets of Paris, where life seems to slow down with each bite of a warm croissant.

French Breakfast Croissant Recipe

Overnight Croissant French Toast Casserole (video) - Tatyanas Everyday Food
A fresh batch of my French Breakfast Croissant Recipe, golden and flaky, straight from the oven.

French Breakfast Croissant Recipe

Prep Time 50 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine French
Servings 4 people
Calories 300 kcal


  • 1 bowl
  • 1 baking


  • One cup of milk
  • Plastic wrappers
  • One tablespoon of kosher salt
  • One tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • One cup of all-purpose flour
  • Half cup of whole wheat flour
  • Two tablespoon of sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • Half cup of water
  • One teaspoon of yeast


  • 1.Take a bowl.
  • Add the flour into it.
  • Add the yeast and sugar into it.
  • Add lukewarm water in it.
  • Set aside for half an hour.
  • Take the whole wheat flour in another bowl.
  • Add the yeast dough in it.
  • Add the salt and some water in it.
  • Combine the ingredients to form a soft dough.
  • Make round forms of dough with the help of the oil.
  • Wrap it in plastic wrappers.
  • After twenty minutes, roll out the dough into triangles.
  • Roll the triangles to form a croissant shape.
  • Bake the croissants for twenty minutes.
  • Your dish is ready to be served.


Keyword flour, milk, sugar

Baking French Breakfast Croissant Recipe with an Oven

Baked Croissant French Toast
The perfect start to any day – a warm croissant from my French Breakfast Croissant Recipe served with a dollop of butter.

Hello again, it’s Julia! I’ve received a few queries about baking our beloved French Breakfast Croissant Recipe using an oven. So, let’s dive right into it!

Firstly, using an oven for baking croissants can be a game-changer. The even heat distribution in an oven ensures that your croissants bake uniformly, resulting in a perfect golden-brown exterior and a soft, flaky interior.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while using an oven:

  • Preheat the Oven: Always preheat your oven before you start baking. This ensures that your croissants start baking as soon as they go in, which is crucial for achieving that perfect flakiness.
  • Temperature Matters: The ideal temperature for baking croissants is around 200°C (392°F). However, this might vary slightly depending on your oven, so keep an eye on your croissants during the first few bakes to find the perfect temperature.
  • Positioning is Key: Place your croissants in the middle rack of the oven. This allows for even heat distribution and prevents the bottom or top from getting burnt.
  • Timing is Everything: Bake your croissants for about 15-20 minutes, or until they’re golden brown. Remember, every oven is different, so the exact timing might vary.
  • Let them Cool: Once baked, let your croissants cool on a wire rack for a few minutes. This helps them retain their shape and texture.

Tips for making French Breakfast Croissant

Le French Breakfast (Butter, Chocolate & Almond Croissant Assortment)
My French Breakfast Croissant Recipe in action – the dough, perfectly layered and ready for the oven

My Top Cooking Tips for the Perfect French Breakfast Croissant Recipe

So, let’s get started with some cooking tips that I’ve picked up over several attempts at perfecting my French Breakfast Croissant Recipe.

  • Butter Quality Matters: Make sure you use high-quality butter. It significantly impacts the final taste and texture of your croissants.
  • Patience is Key: Croissant dough requires time to rest. Don’t rush this process. Trust me, the result is worth the wait.
  • Temperature Control: Ensure your oven temperature is accurate. An oven thermometer can be a handy tool here.

Serving Suggestions for French Breakfast Croissant Recipe

Overnight Blueberry Croissant Breakfast Bake Is a Recipe for Sweet Dreams Recipe | MyRecipes
The final result of my French Breakfast Croissant Recipe – a plate of buttery, flaky goodness, ready to be devoured

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to serving croissants. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Classic Style: Serve it warm with a dollop of butter or a spoon of fruit jam. A cup of hot coffee on the side, and you’re all set.
  • Croissant Sandwich: Slice the croissant in half and stuff with ham, cheese, and some greens for a quick breakfast sandwich.
  • Sweet Indulgence: Dip the croissant in dark chocolate sauce for a sweet twist.


Now let’s address some frequently asked questions about our French Breakfast Croissant Recipe.

  • Can I freeze the croissant dough? Yes, you can. Just make sure to wrap it properly to avoid freezer burn.
  • Why are my croissants not flaky? It might be due to insufficient layers in the dough or the quality of butter used.
  • Can croissants be reheated? Absolutely! A few seconds in the microwave or a couple of minutes in a preheated oven will do the trick.
  • How long can I store baked croissants? Ideally, consume them within two days. However, they can last up to a week if refrigerated properly.
  • What’s the best drink to pair with a croissant? A cup of coffee or hot chocolate complements the taste of croissants beautifully.

Remember, the beauty of cooking lies in experimentation and personal touches. So, don’t hesitate to add your spin to my French Breakfast Croissant Recipe. Happy baking, and until next time, this is Julia, signing off from ‘Dinner with Julia’.

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